PPG Executive Team

We are a group of visionaries who are not afraid to question the status quo. Every week, every month, every year, we are defining where we want to be in the next five or 15 years. This mindset is what drives our organization. We hustle, we get things done, and we dream big.

Meet Nemo

Nemo Delic

Founder, CEO

Meet Mitch

Mitch Jocovic


Meet Nikolay

Nikolay Naumchik

Director of Business Development

Meet Nevena

Nevena LaBelle

Director of Strategy

Meet Tommy

Tommy Simic

Director of Safety

Meet Nate

Nate Ilic

Director of Customer Relations

Meet Boogie

Boogie Djokic

Director of Marketing

Meet Noel

Noel Longoria

Director of Operations

Meet Mike

Mike Delic

Director of Finance